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Lee Academy Scholarship Foundation

(CRA Registered Charity #75150 4515 RR0001) 

Our mandate is to financially support students whose families are unable to afford the tuition costs of Lee Academy independently.  The scholarships are open to all and the Foundation actively seeks to give economic access to families who would not otherwise be able to have their children have the opportunity to learn at the school, Lee Academy.  All families are welcome to apply.  


From an article by Hope Lee, former governor of Lee Academy, mother of Alison Lee Will (director):

“There is no social and economic superiority complex in the staff of Lee Academy.  It is only the child’s mind, imagination and body that should be trained to a superior level.”

Lee Academy strives for academic excellence for all students.  The environment of the school should ideally mirror the best of society and bring together a diverse pool of students and families to encourage respect, sharing of ideas and perspectives and the feeding of the students’ imaginations and aspirations.

Lee Academy has established a Scholarship Foundation to provide financial assistance to families who would otherwise not be able to enrol their children at the school. 

The foundation accepts donations to then give scholarships to families who currently have children at the school or new families who, for financial reasons, cannot afford tuition.

We wish to encourage a diversity in applications and help any family who meets the criteria for scholarship.  The application process  involves the submission of background information on each child and family financial information. Each applicant must complete an interview with the director. The scholarship designations are at the discretion of the Lee Academy Scholarship Foundation board of directors and the school director and all information provided during the application process remains confidential. Families are required to reapply annually for a scholarship. Scholarship recipients are required to meet the academic standards and school’s code of conduct to retain the scholarship.

Lee Academy’s Scholarship Foundation would help to support some of the school’s main beliefs:

  • The central importance of excellent schools in our society.

  • Each child receiving the finest possible education in a safe, stimulating environment.

  • The individuality and equality of all our students.

  • The interaction of our students with the surrounding society.

  • The highest standards of academic excellence and challenging programmes for each child.

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