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Lee Academy Scholarship Foundation

(CRA Registered Charity #75150 4515 RR0001) 

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria:

Student must be entering Grades JK to Gr. 8 in the upcoming school year.


Family must submit application form to Lee Academy Scholarship Foundation by mail or email by the submission deadline indicated on the Scholarship Foundation website link for each school year.  (For a scholarship for September, 2023, for example, applications would be due by March 1, 2023.)


There must be an open space in the grade applied for.  The class size is 15 in Junior Kindergarten and 16 in SK through Grade 8.  Class sizes will not change regardless of number of applications.  Applications (both scholarship based and non-scholarship) will be reviewed in order of application received date. 


Legal parents or guardians must submit the application on behalf of a student.


Student being considered for the scholarship must:

  • show a family income level that does not withstand the cost of current Lee Academy tuition

  • for Kindergarten entrance, must complete a classroom visit and show a keenness to learn, curiosity, an ability to be in a classroom setting without being disruptive and independent washroom habits

  • for Grade One or above entrance, must complete a classroom visit day/assessment with the Lee Academy class and teacher and meet the grade level median academic benchmarks in reading, writing and mathematics

  • for Grade One or above, must have a positive school record from their previous school

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